Milby Votes 2012: It’s 2013, and the Election is still on. by Julian Martinez c/o 15

Okay, it’s passed November 2012, so why is the election still on?

Well, the only place that still had an election going on is Texas’ District 6, which covers the whole East End of Houston.

So why is it going on? Back in November, District 6 Senator, Mario Gallegos won re-election, but he died just before the election back in October. And, the law states that if a dead person won an election, the deceased gets replaced, and a new “living” person would take their place. After Gallegos’ re-election and apparent death, 8 Candidates are in the race, including 2 runoff players, Sylvia Garcia and Carol Alvarado. It’s becoming a messed up, late running, scandalous…okay, “kinda” scandalous, type of race. Okay, the election is already the thing of the past, but District 6 needs a leader, besides…without a leader, we don’t want to know what will happen to District 6, but it’s not going to end well.

Flash back to last month, January 2013. You thought that the election in District 6 is over, right? Wrong! Now, we’re under a runoff election, a tie breaker. Why? Sylvia Garcia and Carol Alvarado, that’s why. And the runoff election doesn’t happen until somewhere between late February to early March of 2013. “So, this election is turning into a standstill of a tie breaker, so, it looks like I’m voting for Garcia,” said Anonymous #1.

According to the polls, Garcia has almost 46 percent of the ballots, while Alvarado has almost 42 percent of the ballots. “I got nothing, Alvarado is going to win the election, end of story,” said Anonymous #2.

What are we going to do with this never ending election? Wait and see, which of these two will you vote for, and wait for further information in this election, stay tuned…I hope.


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