2013 Senior Survey Update by Jocelyne Barboza c/o 13

So if you were not aware of the yearbook senior survey going around school, I’ll tell you how I feel about it.

For starters, it was a survey to get the seniors to vote for the best of each category. It was supposed to be FUN.

The reason the idea came to be was because the yearbook needed something that would get the students to look forward to the yearbook and possibly increase the chances of seniors wanting to buy it.

The editors of the yearbook were aware of the conflict or “drama” that this survey would have caused but decided to continue with it anyway .We figured the seniors would be mature in case they did not win.

The results caused some seniors to say that they did not deserve to win that category. Which could be true, but it is more, unfortunately, a popularity contest. You are more likely to vote for your close friend and that’s perfectly fine. I just want to point out that this survey does not define what type of person you are. Be confident about yourself without having other people to compliment on your hair, your smile, or if you’re funny or not.

I encountered Amanda Guerra c/o 2013 and told her we needed her picture for the yearbook, she could not believe it and thought I was bluffing. It made me smile because it made her so ecstatic that her peers voted for her. And that’s truly what this was all about. Making someone feel special, not bringing other’s down.

Many congrats to the winners and I surely hope it did not cause the conflict we were trying to avoid. If you haven’t purchased your yearbook make sure you’re prepared for when they arrive. You don’t want to miss out on having those treasured memories sitting lonesome in your room.


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