El Clasico by Jonathan Tejada c/o 15

Yesterday we saw the worldwide classic Barcelona Vs Real Madrid. We all agreed that the player of the game was Raphael Varane from Real Madrid.

He played an excellent match by scoring the game tying goal. He saved the Team in multiple occasions. He blocked the ball from going in when Diego Lopez had already given up. He stopped Cesc Fabregas from scoring the 2nd goal that would have probably end up the match. He played an outstanding performance that day.

Barcelona player who still beating Real Madrid by one goal, were not happy, they were looking for the win. Both goalkeepers played a good match yesterday they both blocked the ball from going in a couple times. Most of Barcelona players, who tried to score, were unlucky. After a foul by Ricardo Carvalho, on the edge of the area, Xavi smacked a brilliant free kick off the crossbar.

It was a match full of excitementImage, a great semi-final that will take place again but next time on Barcelona’s house The Camp Nou. Barcelona and Real Madrid are two of the most successful teams not just in Spain but in all Europe and for some people in the world.

Real Madrid and Barcelona have faced in 219 official matches with a record of 87 white wins, 86 wins for Barcelona and 47 draws. I Interviewed some people about “El Clasico” and this is what they said; “I think Barcelona had always beat Real Madrid” –Miguel Barajas said. We all agreed that Europe has the Best soccer teams in the world. La Liga Española is one of the most watched soccer leagues in the world.

Jesus Flores said “If I someday become a professional soccer player I would like to play in La Liga Española, because the best soccer players are in that league’’.


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