MMTB & Angels & Divas to March in Mardi Gras Parade by Idalis Villegas c/o 15

The Milby Marching Thunder Band, the Milby Divas and the Charlie’s Angels are all going to the Mardi Gras parade.

I am really excited to go because we always have a good time. During the day we march all around the streets and while the band is playing music the dancers do 8- counts while marching.

My favorite part about parades is towards the end when we battle other schools. Our band always plays good music which makes us dancers get more excited to dance. We mostly do battling 8-counts to get the other schools mad. When we battle, we give it our all because of course we want to win the battle.

The band also likes to battle, the trumpets get loud, the drums start pounding harder, everything just gets louder. You can feel the tension from everybody because in the end someone is going to win. The Milby Marching Thunder Band usually does.

We always practice really hard when a parade is coming up. When we practice for parades we usually go outside to the track and start marching around and around until the directors see that we are looking better. When we march we have to make sure that we are in line with our partner and with our knees high enough. We also have to be on the right foot at all times because if someone is wrong then we are all wrong.

But besides all of that, marching at Mardi Gras is always fun. You hear the crowd around you cheering you on, you get beads, and you see all of the lights around you. It’s a fun experience to be a part of the Mardi Gras parade. “I CAN’T WAIT!”


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