Arte by Daysy Vielma c/o 15


This is one of Juan’s arte: “Never Give Up”.

Juan Daniel Echavarria is a student from Milby High School, who was raised in Pharr, Texas in a small barrio called Las Milpas. “I have been drawing since I was in 5th grade I was 11 years old, by then I knew that my passion was arte” Juan said. Now that we know he’s been drawing since he was little boy, he just won’t give up, there is something that tells him that he can get something good out of his arte work.

When his parents decided to move back to Houston, Texas he started attending to Milby High School, but he knew that, even though he moved from his barrio he wouldn’t let that effect him “everything happens for a reason” Juan said, the reason he said this is because you can never know what can happen in life only god knows. Probably there is a chance for him to be someone in life, be a famous artist and to show off his magnificent skills in arte.

“There is no way in arte can be boring for me I love it, it’s my thing, and I would to take this to another level, so I can be recognized.” This is what Juan said in a really expressive way. Juan sold one drawing to his friend Victor Saldana; “I really did like what he had made it look so neat, he even put my drawing inside a picture frame so it won’t mess up, my opinion for this drawing was worth $20, but he told me just to give him $15,” Victor said. This just shows how Juan should have that opportunity to be successful in life and hopefully his arte skill will guide him to that place where he can be recognized.


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