Great Things to Come by Alexis Osorio c/o 13

“They have good players, they just can’t seem to work together as a team,” that is how most people would describe the Milby boys soccer team in recent years. Whether it’s the chemistry of the team or lack thereof, the boys’ soccer team hasn’t had a winning season in quite a while. However this year Milby is a 4A school, so every sports team is looking to make their mark this season, including the boys’ soccer team.

There are some big changes for the team this year. In contrast with last year, this year’s team will most likely be comprised of a majority of seniors. Also another big change with the team this year is that Coach Doherty is now in charge of 5th period athletics. Even though Coach Doherty and Coach Ortegon seem to see eye to eye when it comes to strategy, they still have two different forms of practicing.

Coach Ortegon was more about putting the players in the position and making players think on their feet. This year now that Coach Doherty is in charge the team has been more focused on the fundamentals of the game like touch and control, as well as a good amount of conditioning. Coach Doherty has the teams doing more drills this year that helps the player gain and practice all of these skills. However, this year it looks like Coach Doherty will be in charge of placing the players in the respective teams, Varsity and Junior-Varsity. As well the team will be holding open try-outs in the month of November that could bring in even more talent.

Earlier this week I sat down with Eleazar Alejandro, this year’s soccer manager and former player. The first question was, “What do you think has been wrong with the team in recent years?” His response was, “I think there are a few reasons, on and off the pitch that have contributed to bad seasons. The first being that the players need to be less selfish with their play, take more shots on goal, and be more disciplined than past year’s players.” The next question was, “What can be done to improve the team this year?” Eleazar stated that,” A lot of things can be done but the main ones are that as a team they all put in equal effort in practice and the games, as well in school so they can actually play the full season.”
This year is a chance that the soccer team has been waiting for to show that they can be successful. Everybody is putting in their best effort to make this a great season.


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